TYPES OF SERVICE                                                                                              CHARGES  
Savings Bank A/c No frills A/c  
Minimum Balance NIL  
Charges for non maintenance thereof N/A  
Saving Bank Accounts with Cheque facility  
Minimum Balance Rs.5000.00  
Charges for non maintenance thereof NIL  
Saving Bank Accounts without Cheque facility  
Minimum Balance Rs.1000.00  
Charges for non maintenance thereof NIL  
Other savings bank account facilities  
Issue of Duplicate Statement Rs.10/- Per Page  
Issue of loose cheque leaves NIL  
Issue of duplicate pass book Rs.25.00  
Mode of calculation of minimum balance Monthly  
Electronic Payments      
Inward RTGS / NEFT / ECS transactions free, no charge to be levied  
Outward transactions  
(i) RTGS Rs. 1 to 5 lakh              not exceeding Rs. 25 per transaction  
             Rs. 5 lakh and above     not exceeding Rs. 50 per transaction  
(ii) NEFT  Up to Rs. 1 lakh             not exceeding Rs. 5 per transaction  
              Rs.1 lakh and above       not exceeding Rs. 25 per transaction  
Banks may prescribe charges not higher than cheque return charges for ECS debit returns.  
These charges shall be applicable for all types of transactions, including inter-bank funds transfers.  
Outstation cheque collection  
Up to Rs. 10,000   not exceeding Rs. 50 per instrument  
Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000        not exceeding Rs. 100 per instrument  
       not exceeding Rs. 100 per instrument  
       not exceeding Rs. 150 per instrument  
Remittance Facilities through own bank  
PO Issue Rs.1.5/- per thousand Min. Rs.50.00  
PO-Cancellation Rs.50.00  
PO-Duplicate Rs.100.00  
PO-Revalidation NIL  
EFT Charges Inward NIL  
EFT Charges Outward Rs.50/-  
RTGS Outward Upto 10 Lakhs Rs.100/-above every 1 lakh or part thereof Rs.50.00  
RTGS Inward NIL  
Collection of Cheques NIL  
Remittance Facilities through other bank  
DD Issue Rs.3 per thousand  
DD Cancellation Rs.100.00  
DD Duplicate NIL  
DD Revalidation NIL  
Collection of Cheques Rs.1.50/- per thousand Min. Rs.150.00 + other Bank Charges  
Foreign Exchange Transactions  
Remittance Outward 2.5% plus Swift Charges of Rs.1050/-  
Remittance Inward Rs.500/-  
TCs Selling NIL  
TCs Encashing NIL  
Foreign Currency Encashing / Issue NIL  
Cheque Collection  
Local NIL  
Outstation through another bank Rs.1.5 per thousand Min. Rs.150/-  
Bouncing of cheques Local Saving Bank A/c Rs.100/- Current Account Rs.250/-  
Bouncing of cheques outstation through another bank Rs.150/- + other Bank Charges  
Retail Loan  
Loan Processing Charges 0.5% Max. Rs.50000/-  
Prepayment Charges NIL  
No due Certificate NIL  
Solvency Certificate Rs.2500/-  
Charges for late payment of EMI NIL  
Charges for changing from fixed to floating rates of Interest NIL  
Charges for changing from float to fixed rates of Interest NIL  
Balance enquiry NIL  
Balance Certificate Rs.100.00  
Interest Certificate NIL  
Account closure Saving Bank A/c Rs.50/- Current Account Rs.100/-  
Use of Fax/Telephone/Modem Actual  
Photo attestation Rs.50/-  
Signature attestation Rs.50/-  
Stop Payment Charges Rs.100/-  
Inoperative account NIL  
* Service charges subject to Indian service tax rules