About Us

The Bank of Ceylon is the leading commercial Bank in Sri Lanka owned by the Govt.of Sri Lanka. (Vision & Mission)

The Bank successfully continued to maintain its leading and preeminent and attached a high degree of priority to face up to the unprecedented challenges that have today emerged in the banking sphere. In a landmark transaction the Bank was able to arrange the largest ever syndicate loan raised by any Sri Lankan Bank in the International market equivalent to US Dollars 130 million.The most significant feature of the issue was the attractive pricing linked to the international financial community on the risk profile of the Bank and the country. This is the lowest rate ever paid by any Sri Lankan Bank in raising US $ syndicate loans from the international market. We availed ourselves of every single opportunity to intensify our existing relationship and added to the final quality of our service with modern banking technologies.

The Bank provides diversified Retail,Wholesale,International,Development/ InvestmentBanking,Services,
Credit,CreditCards, SLIPS,RTGSpayments,Safe Deposite,Custodial and pawn Broking services through a network of 301 local and 3 overseas branches (London, Male & Chennai) and the Off-shore Banking Unit. (Corporate Value & Direction)

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